Perfect Pairs

Posted by Ben on October 26, 2014

There’s no real science to matching the guys up for shoots. But I do try to make sure that there is some attraction before putting them together. I think my matching of Jet and Ryan worked out really well. Even though Jet is straight, he still gets in to the scene and fucks like a champion. I’ve seen him do a few scenes with guys now, and I’m wondering what he would be like fucking a girl. Is it time to start making some bi-sexual scenes for the site? I think it might be interesting to try.

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Wicked Australia

Posted by Ben on October 14, 2014

How much do we love Australia and the great outdoors? Just ask the guys at Wicked Campers. These guys have been around for years renting pimped out camper vans. They have an ongoing promotion where if you submit a nude photo while on vacation in your camper they will spring for an extra free day of camper rental. Of course everyone is taking advantage of this. In fact I really like the idea of grabbing a camper for some of the outdoor shoots we do this summer. He’s a couple of submissions from the Wicked Camper website. This is why I love Australia.

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Spring means getting naked outside

Posted by Ben on October 12, 2014

This really is the most perfect time of the year to get naked outside. The days are long and warm, but not too hot. Over the past few weeks Zac and I have been making good use of the rooftop to put the guys through the first of the Spring shoots for this year. And the guys love the idea of stripping naked in the middle of the city. It’s a fairly big and baron space. I need to think of some new things to do out there. A swimming pool would be great. In the pic above Sarpa is getting naked while Zac lays back to enjoy the view.

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Lacking in Asian models

Posted by Ben on October 2, 2014

A quick look around my gym this afternoon and I noticed how many hot Asian guys there are working out in Melbourne. And it made me wonder…  why haven’t I had any beautiful Asian men model for me in a long time? I used to get a lot of gorgeous Asian guys here in Melbourne modelling for me, but not such anymore.  I do like really fit Asian guys. And seeing those guys today makes me think I should try harder to get some more sexy Asian mates in on the shoots. Pictured above is Nathan Deep that I shot with in Perth a few years ago.

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And here comes Summer

Posted by Ben on September 29, 2014

We have gone quickly from dull cold days to sparkly warm sunny days here in Melbourne. Spring has arrived and the weather is now amazing. I’m making the most of the great weather now to get a lot of shooting done. The past few days have been very busy with meeting guys and getting them undressed out in the sun. I think the next few weeks will be very busy for shooting in the lead up to summer. I have to pinch myself for being blessed with such a great place to shoot in and so many beautiful mates willing to get their gear off. The photos from the past few days look great! I can’t wait to who them off.

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Bottom Boys

Posted by Ben on September 24, 2014

I am really impressed by the number of cute guys that I have been shooting with lately. A lot of cute bottom boys too. I was just working on a little promo for Axle’s bathroom shoot when I realised how much of a nice bum he has. I think I could have taken a whole gallery of photos of just his most perfect behind. When the guys have got such a beautiful bum I spend a lot of time making sure I get photos of it from just the right angles. I think I could become a professional bum photographer. What do you think?

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The Boys Line Up

Posted by Ben on September 18, 2014

I gotta admit that my guilty pleasure is reality TV. I like TV shows like Survivor and Big Brother for the gorgeous guys that they get to live out life for a few weeks in front of the camera.  And I gotta say that the current crop of Big Brother contestants on Australia’s Big Brother (above) are all really cute. Even though I can’t show it here, in this scene they are talking about the size of each other’s pecs and flexing them. It’s no wonder I love Aussie men…  they are sexy and very funny. This line up gives me an idea for a scene.

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Newcomer Damien Lance

Posted by Ben on September 9, 2014

I love shooting with new guys just as much as shooting stuff with all my other mates. And at the moment there are loads of new guys coming up for shoots. One of the new guys that really stands out is 20 year old Damien Lance. He’s cute and really keen on getting in to more scenes with the guys. And now that it’s warming up I’m looking forward to seeing him getting naked outdoors. The first shoot went great. I shot the scene shown above, along with a speedo set with Damien jumping in and out of a hot tub. I think Damien is going to be a great addition to our group of horny mates.

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1300 galleries and growing

Posted by Ben on August 30, 2014

It kinda surprised me earlier this week when I realised that I was working on gallery number 1300.  I guess that means that I’ve been making about 86 galleries each year for the past 15 years.  Now I know that not actually correct. I didn’t make as many galleries in the first years as I do now. The earlier photos are not nearly as high res as they are now. But I still enjoy looking through some of my favourites shoots from the early days. For every one of the guys I have shot with, I wish I could have them all shoot with me again. There are so many good memories here.  All great guys and so many stunning photos.

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Skinny Hung Twinks

Posted by Ben on August 27, 2014

Editing this shoot with 20 year old Hungarian Leon Lee has made me miss travelling around Europe. This shoot was actually done by Zac Frevo when we visited Munich earlier this year. Next to Australian guys, I love shooting with guys in Europe. They love to show off, are beautiful, and often very well endowed. It has been a pretty busy year so I didn’t get to go back their during their summer, but I’m sure we’ll get to visit again at the end of the year when we have our vacations in Australia.

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